See the latest changes to the HR Cluster.

Types of changes

Added for new features.
Update for changes in existing functionality.
Core Update for major changes in modules or functionality.
Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.
Removed for now removed features.
Fixed for any bugs og glitches resolved.
Security in case of vulnerabilities.


14.02.21 - Update: Backend bulk action improvement.


12.11.20 - Fixed: Layout issue for overtime module resolved.
25.08.20 - Fixed: Support functionality on registration e-mails resolved.
24.08.20 - Update: Bulk action on session approval improved. Backend overview updated.
18.08.20 - Fixed: CSS compatibility issues with small screen devices fixed.
07.02.20 - Fixed: Bug related to SQL handling for pre-set registration forms with empty affiliation variable.


28.11.19 - Update: Project module updated to give better insight on use of resources for each project.
15.07.19 - Security: New hashing algorithm for social security numbers and sensitive data.
23.05.19 - Update: CSS compatibility improved on backend overview to simply clockwork processes for users.
04.03.19 - Core Update: Form module launched for all users.


07.12.18 - Fixed: Form module issue resolved.
04.12.18 - Added: Form module introduced for beta testers. Enables the possibility to customize forms and unique URLs with prefilled variables.
25.09.18 - Fixed: Bug related to time format when making changes to clock in/out fixed.
23.09.18 - Fixed: Bug in form/registration module fixed.
26.05.18 - Added: Project module.
24.04.18 - Added: User affiliation module.
15.04.18 - Update: Static user registration forms updated.
10.04.18 - Security: Visible social security number require user to re-enter password. Cookie lifetime reduced to one week.
09.04.18 - Security: All account numbers are encrypted by default.
08.04.18 - Security: New password and PIN encryption algorithms to provide better overall security.
01.03.18 - Added: Incident and report management module.
25.02.18 - Update: All dates and times updated to machine-readable format.

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